Environmental Genetics and Genomics Facility

The Environmental Genetics and Genomics (EnGGen) facility at NAU is a multi-user research laboratory designed for diverse biological applications. The laboratory supports molecular genetic analysis and training for a wide user base, including regional academic, government, and private institutions. Users of the facility study plant evolution, ecological community genetics, conservation genetics, microbial diversity, molecular epidemiology, human genetics and genomics, and molecular forensics.

enggen lab enggen lab
  • The core instrumentation for this facility includes a 3730xl and 3130 DNA sequencers for DNA sequencing and fingerprinting analyses, a fluid handling robotics platform, a MJ Research Tetrad thermocycler with 384-well capacity, several BioRad 96-well thermocyclers, and a computational system based upon a core server, memory, data backup systems, and individual workstations.
  • The EnGGen laboratory sponsors workshops, courses, and seminars designed to assist scientists who lack the familiarity or facilities to utilize the benefits of genetics or genomic analysis for their studies. The education and training program is designed to benefit novice users, but training is also available for more experienced users.
  • The laboratory employs a full-time research staff available for consultation for DNA sequencing and genetic fingerprinting.
Dr. Gery Allan, Director
Biological Sciences, Bldg. 21
PO Box 5640
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Phone: (928) 523-8934
Fax: (928) 523-7500
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