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The curriculum of NAU’s Department of History has been shaped by the distinctive landscape of the American Southwest and the rich diversity of peoples and cultures which have called the land home for centuries. The department uniquely integrates the role of the arid Southwest environment in shaping Western identity into its curriculum. The program emphasizes history’s role as a fundamental indicator of a culture’s self-perception, which in turn affects that society’s assessment of the natural world. Dr. George Lubick, an NAU professor since 1977, has taken the lead in incorporating environmental history into the department’s program.

  • Dr. Lubick is particularly fascinated by the history of the United States national parks and wilderness areas. His latest book, entitled Petrified Forest National Park: A Wilderness Bound in Time, exemplifies his interest. Currently, he is focused upon the role of science and scientists in establishing Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Glacier National Parks.
  • Dr. Lubick is the co-recipient of a 2005 National Science Foundation grant on the history of ecological restoration and the social dimensions of science and technology.
  • Dr. Lubick has received a contract from Island Press for a book entitled Making Nature Whole: A History of Environmental Restoration, co-authored with William R. Jordan, III, of the New Academy for Nature and Culture in Woodstock, Illinois.
  • The Department of History offers both undergraduate and graduate-level environmental history courses. The offerings currently include:
  • Undergraduate:
    HIS 397: Surveys of American Environmental History
    HIS 405: Topics in Environmental History
  • Graduate:
    HIS 568: Topics in Environmental History
    HIS 568: Research Seminar in American Environmental History

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