Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

NAU’s Applied Research and Development Facility is a unique building designed to meet the expanding research needs of the University’s key environmental research and outreach programs, including its public and private partners. It is designed and constructed as a “high performance building” that uses state of the art technologies and processes to reduce energy and water consumption, increase indoor air quality, and minimize resource consumption.

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  • The building is designed to meet the LEED Platinum Standard, the highest sustainability certification offered by the U.S. Green Building Council;
  • Green building techniques such as improved indoor air quality, reduced energy costs, passive solar heating, and on-site waste treatment;
  • Fiber optics, renewable energy, water conservation, and day lighting;
  • Flexible research space to allow initiatives to move in and out of the Facility over time;
  • Technology transfer space for showcasing technologies;
  • A learning laboratory to teach users how to manage a building in order to improve its environmental performance and provide a working model for other regional facilities.
Paul Trotta, Professor
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